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Master Ad Public Company Limited (“MACO”) has been providing Out of Home media (“OOH media”) as the leading media advertising company in Thailand for over 29 years. The Company has effectively connected brands and product’s owners to their target customer with our variety of media services. Throughout the entire operation of our business, MACO continues to develop products and services and build the attractive advertising network in order to provide the OOH media end-to-end solution for our advertisers. Currently, MACO provide the full media service with the combination of static and digital media format at over 2,000 locations1, presenting in all provinces of Thailand.

In October 2016, the Company has made an initial successful strategic step by acquiring 70% in Multi Sign Company Limited (“Multi Sign”), with a total investment of THB 439mn. Multi Sign is an outdoor media company with a total network of 860 billboards located in prime areas nationwide. This enables MACO to reach all of the major cities outside Bangkok and jump its media coverage from 40 provinces to 77 provinces of Thailand. In June 2017, MACO was once again strengthened its presence by acquiring 70% in COMASS Company Limited (“COMASS”). With 19 years of experience, COMASS has secured a strategic network in Central Business District areas in Bangkok and upcountry, comprising of 113 static billboard in 23 provinces and 7 LED screens in 5 provinces of Thailand with total media capacity of THB 200mn. After those significant expansions, MACO is now becoming the real Nationwide OOH Media Platform.

Currently, MACO’s products are categorised into 5 main types consisiting of 1) Billboards, 2) Street Furniture, 3) Digital Advertising, 4) Overseas Advertising, and 5) Creative OOH.

1. Billboards

The Company is considered as one of the first pioneer in initiating billboard business in Thailand. At the present, MACO offers various billboard formats to different customer’s needs, comprising of 1) Large-format Billboards, 2) Nationwide Billboards, 3) PTT Posters (Billboard in PTT Jiffy gas station) with a total billboards of over 1,229 panels.


Large-format Billboards are mostly installed at key strategic locations such as expressways, city gateways and central business zones where heavy traffic congestions occur and high frequency exposure with a network of more than 254 panels both in Bangkok and upcountry.


Upcountry areas have experienced the expansion of department store and real estate development over the past years, reflecting the decentralisation from Bangkok and vicinity to those potential provincial cities, implicating the incremental purchasing power of local people. MACO foresees this opportunity, and has laid strong foundation in such areas in order to support and service customers that aim to reach their target audiences.

Nationwide Billboards of the Company is mainly located in key intersections, local commercial areas, local markets as well as education zone where they have a high population density. Currently, MACO has 735 panels covering 77 provinces of Thailand.


MACO was granted the exclusive rights from PTT Public Company Limited to manage 240 advertising panels in lightbox advertising format inside 139 PTT Jiffy gas stations nationwide.

2. Street Furniture

Street Furniture became a very attractive media for brands and product’s owners since it enabled them to conduct advertising campaigns in the heart of the city. Likewise, Street Furniture is one of the outstanding media format in MACO’s portfolio because of its location that installed primarily in city centre locations along with major commuting routes where pedestrians and traffic congestion reached their peak. MACO Street Furniture contracts include Street Furniture under BTS stations and Bangkok’s flyovers.

For BTS skytrain network, MACO was granted the exclusive rights from Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC) to install and manage 188 advertising panels under 23 BTS station. For Bangkok’s flyovers, MACO was granted the rights from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to manage 306 advertising panels under 19 flyovers across Bangkok.

3. Digital Media

A key trend in the media landscape is the increasing proliferation of digital media. The growth of digital media is supported by its flexibility and scalability for advertisers to deliver messages to a target audience. Through its flexibility, advertisers can easily and quickly deploy marketing campaigns, reaching a broader scope of audience compared to static media. In order to sustain our competitive edge, the Company has started to introduce digital media into our product portfolio. Digital media of the Company comprises of 1) CBD LED Network (Digital Billboard) and 2) Aroy Aroy Network


The Company has started to replace several of our static media platforms with digital media and commence its full operation in July 2017. As of 1 January 2018, MACO has 35 digital billboards covering in 31 provinces in Thailand focusing on main cities such as Chiangmai, Khonkaen, Udonthani, Phuket and Rayong.


Advertising media in high-definition television format of 250 screens, which were installed in famous restaurant recommended by well-known reviewers, providing customer both digital and static advertising to deliver customers’ advertising messages to target audiences and travelers.

4. Oversea Media

MACO has expanded its media footprint in Malaysia market with strong local partnership to establish a joint venture company, namely Eyeball Channel Sdn. Bhd. (“Eyeball Channel”). Eyeball Channel is focusing OOH media business in Malaysia whose network is located in major highway, main road that connects airport and Kuala Lumpur city centre, and important places that enable to reach audience effectively.

5. Creative OOH Media

Not only providing Outdoor media to advertisers, MACO also presents Creative OOH media that is exclusively tailored to customer requirements. Creative OOH media can be various forms such as the contraction of large billboard, Interior Design, Projection Mapping, Mock up, and Event, which can enhance value of media campaign.